Part 2: Travel to India

People are always naturally curious as to how others come up with their business ideas and get them off the ground – we thought it would be fun to share our story with you, in chapters – to bring you along on the journey of how Andsara came about…


Our first trip together to India was amazing – full of wonder, delicious food, and incredible experiences – looking back, we had no idea what we were doing and would probably do things differently now, but we had the best time figuring things out along the way!

We flew from Joburg via Dubai, and started our adventure off in New Delhi, where we tried to squeeze in some sight seeing between a few of the meetings we had planned. Zooting around in tuk tuks was the best way to experience the vibe of the city and we managed to visit The Red Fort and Chandni Chowk Market during our 2 short days there.

During our next stop in Jaipur, we not only saw and experienced the amazing Pink City and other beautiful sights, but we really found our business niche in deciding that we wanted to focus on hand block printed textiles for our collection. We’d previously been unsure what to offer but watching the printers ink-and-stamp hand carved wooden blocks onto stretched cotton is like one of those hypnotic and deeply satisfying videos you get sucked into on Facebook (but better of course! We’ll definitely come back to this topic because it deserves it’s own post…)

Since that initial trip, we’ve been back to India twice – we know how incredibly privileged we are to be able to experience everything we have alongside the business aspect of our travels, but there is lots of hard work, a few frustrations even, and sometimes its hard to be away from family and other commitments. While it hasn’t been smooth sailing by any means, we’re slowly building our brand and fine tuning what we’d like to put out into the world with the help of our partners across the sea.

If you’d like to see MORE pictures from our trips, head over to our >> TRAVEL GALLERY <<

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