Part 4: Andsara is live!

People are always naturally curious as to how others come up with their business ideas and get them off the ground – we thought it would be fun to share our story with you, in chapters – to bring you along on the journey of how Andsara came about…


We officially launched Andsara in August 2019, after months of back and forth with suppliers, delays with our shipping / customs, and endless other challenges that customers / supporters don’t usually see – the less glamorous side of things and more like the ‘behind the behind the scenes’ kind of stuff!

The arrival of our first shipment was momentous and we set to work arranging a photographer and a shoot location in the KZN Midlands to have professional photos taken. Andrea built our online shop and once our content was ready, we hit publish and started sharing the exciting news on social media.

We’ve been blown away by how well our products have been received, and by how much interest there has been in our little brand. We’ve connected with retailers who are stocking select products, we’ve redesigned our site for a smoother shopping experience, we’ve added new prints and products to the mix, and we pride ourselves on ongoing customer service excellence.

Like many business owners around the globe, Covid-19 has thrown it’s own special brand of challenges at us (read: logistics issues, supply issues, major health concerns for our suppliers and friends in India especially – the list goes on!) but we’re continuously trying to refine and improve our Andsara and our collection as we grow and move forward.

This post concludes our little story (for now!) but keep checking in for more news and updates on our blog – and be sure to sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already (it’s quick and easy, just head down to the footer of this page!)

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