From our printers’ tables to your home.

We recently commissioned a videographer in India to shoot some video footage for Andsara, so that we could showcase parts of the amazing process that happens behind the scenes, that allows us to to bring our beautiful hand block printed home textile products to life.

While different styles of printing mean slight variations in the process, you’ll get a good idea here of the main components that are typical across many of the different block printing methods used in Rajasthan today.

Our suppliers have teams of people, each responsible for different aspects of the textile ‘journey’ – and it really is a journey in that it can take literal weeks for one single length of fabric to be completed (and that’s before it’s even turned into what you see on our shop today – cushion covers, table linen, bed linen, apparel and more!)

Each individual person involved in the hand block printing process, is skilled and experienced, having trained with others before them to become a master of their craft. We’ve said it before but we’ll say it again, our textiles are truly an art form in their own right and this is largely due to the process of hand block printing itself.

India really is a magical place, and we also wanted to include some context for you by showing parts of beautiful Rajasthan in our short clip, captured courtesy of some skilled drone flying by the folks behind the lens.

We’re working on more Andsara videos to hopefully share with you soon, but enjoy this sneak peek behind the curtain in the meantime!

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